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On this January edition of NEARSLETTER we are giving recaps of NEAR happenings from (Jan 1-31st) regarding Developer updates, product updates, events, funding, and the NEAR Ecosystem in this edition of NEARsletter

📌Quick Start Devs.NEAR.social page just launched & NEAR official page on NEAR.social

🛠️ DeveloperDAO

📄 General NEP Updates

Changes to the protocol specification and standards are called NEAR Enhancement Proposals (NEPs) and are a key initiative of the Developer DAO alongside funding open source public goods on NEAR.


Community Groups are designed to ideate and support builders, while Working groups vote on NEPs. Generally Community groups coordinate async on telegram & github with some having weekly meetings, while working groups meet to decide the outcome of NEPs. Most meetings are recorded and can be found below.

MyNEARWallet Transition

Done entirely through the DevGovGigs board, there have been 4 teams (HERE Wallet, Meteor Wallet, Electron Labs, INC4) to make bids to take over the code base for myNEARWallet.com. See the progress of the bids in the new MyNEARWallet Transition kanban board and leave your comments regarding their plans.

Funding Requests

Open proposals requesting for funding (check “funding-requested”) on the Developer Governance Gigs Board

Funded Projects

The following are funded projects through Developer DAO (check “funding-provided” tag”

Open Source Tooling

NEAR Wallet Selector This is a wallet selector modal that allows users to interact with NEAR dApps with a selection of available wallets (10+ wallets supported).

Personal Smart Contracts, upload smart contracts to an account with use cases such as NFT leasing, margin + spot trading, subscriptions, spending limits, auto token sales, and account recovery.

ZMQ Indexer Implementation of a NEAR Blockchein RPC node to publish all blocks by ZMQ.

Keypom: Easily onboard new users on NEAR, contracts, JS SDK, and Keypom app & docs coming soon.

MintbaseJS Powerful open-source library for doing all things NFTs on the NEAR protocol. (Docs)

DevGigsBoard Widgets near.social widgets for Gigs Board

NEAR Social, Social data protocol on NEAR with viewer (front end), socialDB, standards, API server js. NEAR Contribute to track contributions to NEAR Social.

👀 Product Updates

See which Projects have been shipping the most in the NEAR Ecosystem in the past month

Decentralization / NEAR OS

NEAR Social

DevGovGigs Board

NEAR Discovery

  • In AstroDAO transition, mention of elements of DAO tooling being encompassed by NEAR discovery

  • In NEAR Social twitter space, mentioned that NEAR Discovery team helping on NEAR.social



Meteor Wallet

HERE Wallet

Nightly Wallet

Ledger Live

Sweat Economy



  • Liquidity pools for $UMINT

  • Limit orders on deep liquidity


Linear Protocol


  • Goblin Contracts: Non-fungible Token + LinkDAO contract. ellowing NEAR NFT communities to form governance structures based on ownership of an NFT

  • Perps Trading App Trade with up to 10X leverage 💰, triggers (Stop loss 📉 / Take profit 📈), + NEW UI





NEARWeek - launches NEAR Staking






  • launches text to AI NFT minting on NEAR + Aurora & integrate HERE + Meteor Wallet


Niche Protocol

Data / Infra



Tradeport powered by Indexer





FluxusFi launches VISION to track DeFI & NFT Portfolio on NEAR


LazyFi (learning challenges for any project to incentivize users) https://app.lazyfi.gg/, and launches Learn to Earn challenges with JumpDeFi, Aurora, + more

NEAR Primer: Educational Gamified Courses on NEAR launches


Test out the following applications in their Road to mainnet.

🎓 Education

🎉 Events

Check out the update NEAR Events list at near.org/events or submit your event on NEARWeek’s Calendar here (NEAR.social event native platform coming soon).



💸 Funding Verticals

Developer Governance is only 1 funding avenue that exists in the NEAR Ecosystem, there also exists Marketing DAO, but also NEAR Foundation. (Click here to learn more about NEAR Foundation’s 2023 strategy here.

NEAR Foundation

Developer Governance: Developer focused DAO funding public goods through NEAR.social, funds first project, release transparent boards, facilitating myNEARWallet transition, and upcoming AstroDAO transition.

NEAR Digital Collective

Marketing DAO


Human Guild

Banyan Collective supporting the NEAR Developer ecosystem from the ground up in the United States. Check out Banyan run NEARBuilders group, city notes (SF + NYC) updates in january.

Startup DAO: NEAR Foundation in a blog post posted an interest form for those wanting to champion a StartUp DAO

Proximity Labs:

Apply for Funding From NEAR’s Investor Network


The NEAR Foundation has set the following 2023 goal $250M in external capital flowing into a minimum of 100 projects. The following two raises makes $12.6/250 Million (~5%))with 2/100 projects

Social Media:

NEARDevGov (website) (twitter) (telegram)

Join a builder group nearbuilders.com

BanyanUS (website) (twitter) (telegram)

NEARWeek (website) (twitter) (telegram)

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