NF Ecosystem + Developer Quarterly Report

The NEAR Ecosystem has made some amazing strides this first quarter of 2023, here is a general synopsis of project, funding, developer, and DAO updates in the Ecosystem.

💸 Funding

🧰 Developer Tooling / Infrastructure

Aurora Cloud - Suite of Industry-First Products.

🟢 Aurora Borealis Business

Borealis Business is a transaction processing and accounting engine, that allows businesses to remove the concept of transaction fees from the experience of their users, and can support almost any conceivable blockchain business model.

🟢 Aurora Pass

Aurora Pass, coming soon to iOS and Android, that allows mobile-first Web2 businesses who adopt blockchain technologies to provide their customers with cost-and friction-free transaction signing using the Touch ID and Face ID biometric facilities they’ve come to know and love.

🟢 Aurora Silos

Aurora Silos are dedicated blockchains that can be provisioned for Aurora Cloud customers, that deliver a set of features eclipsing mere Ethereum compatibility.

With an Aurora Silo, businesses can leverage the benefits of blockchain in an environment that permits multiple levels of access control, custom token & transaction fee mechanics, while preserving full Ethereum & NEAR compatibility and interoperability with the outside world (🌈 Rainbow Bridge Built in)

NEAR Security Course https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7Gwuo_MOL740lhKTvouCJvk4sAyuqZqT

NEAR Unity API Plugin: interact within the NEAR Blockchain for game development with this Unity Plugin


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  • Launches v3 on NEAR https://vxtwitter.com/switchboardxyz/status/1631025358379323392


Welldone Wallet

Boto.io Enables NEAR Automation Integrations https://boto.io/bots/?search=near

Omnia adds NEAR to RPC https://twitter.com/omnia_protocol/status/1633071528433598464?s


NEAR microindexers:


Leap Wallet

Fast-NEAR with LDMB

📲 Products

🖼️NFT Ecosystem

Bodega Marketplace launches by Cafe Cartel

  • First traits based marketplace where you can swap traits




  • launches text to AI NFT minting on NEAR + Aurora & integrate HERE, Meteor, Nightly Wallet



  • launches text to AI NFT minting on NEAR + Aurora & integrate HERE + Meteor Wallet

New NEAR Developer Examples

New NEAR Developer Examples

👜 Wallets

My NEAR Wallet transition to Meteor Wallet through NEAR Developer Governance https://near.social/#/devgovgigs.near/widget/Post?id=78

Wallet Selector becomes chain agnostic modal, test out all the Wallets Supported here and the wallet account export feature https://near.github.io/wallet-selector/ to easily migrate private keys from a wallet.

HERE Wallet

Nighlty Wallet

Check out wallet features here https://github.com/NEARBuilders/Wallets/edit/main/features.md

💻 dApps

LazyFI launches Learn to Earn program with NEKO and the NEAR Foundation after mainnet launch https://twitter.com/LazyFi_Learning/status/1636321852359417858

NEAR Primer, gamified education on NEAR


Sweat Economy

Niche Protocol


NEARWeek ****

📊 DeFi


Linear Protocol


  • Goblin Contracts: Non-fungible Token + LinkDAO contract. allowing NEAR NFT communities to form governance structures based on ownership of an NFT

  • Perps Trading App Trade with up to 10X leverage 💰, triggers (Stop loss 📉 / Take profit 📈), + NEW UI



🛣️ Road to Mainnet

🤖 Blockchain Operating System


The Proliferation of Gateways. Gateways are being stood up building out the decentralized infrastructure for NEAR as a Blockchain Operating System. For more information checkout nearbuilders.com/gateways and for a guide on setting up your own checkout nearbuilders.com/bos


Launches as a Pagoda run gateway.

Call for Community to transition gov.near.org to alpha.near.org https://twitter.com/ilblackdragon/status/1637434697360846848


Proximity Labs sets up their own gateway for Ethereum / EVM blockchains as a start to BOS as a multichain operating system. A lot of cool Ethereum based projects have been popped up and since its launch, bounties for EthDenver and EthDubai have been spun up.

EVM based widgets include


VS Code Extension https://github.com/near/near-vscode

Web3 Extension https://github.com/zavodil/near-extension

  • Extension to add SocialDB information into NEAR Wallet



Data Analytics Widgets

Developer Tooling Widgets

DAO Widgets


First NEAR Social Hacks directly on the platform. Check out the winners here

🏛️ NEAR Digital Collective

🛠️ Developer Governance

Want to get funding through Developer DAO, learn more here nearbuilders.com/funding

The following are funded projects through Developer DAO (check “funding-provided” tag)

👀 Check out the first Developer Governance DAO Call https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMg4EQFx8h0



To get a better view of all NEPs passed check out https://github.com/orgs/near/projects/51

  • NEP366: Metatransactions stabilized

  • NEP364: efficient signature verification is coming to the Calimero Bridge: https://www.calimero.network/blog/efficient-signature-verification

  • NEP351: add standards key to ContractSourceMetadata, needs to be implemented

  • NEP-399 introduces a flatten key/value mapping for the trie structure, making storage read cheaper and more efficient. This will also make it easier to estimate gas fees for a transaction.

  • NEP-455 separates parameter compute costs from gas costs to limit the processing time. This mitigates the risks of undercharging without affecting existing contracts.

  • NEP423: add contract_metadata_update event

  • NEP448: Zero Account Balance

  • NEP413: Add Sign Message First call for implementation on devgovgigs board for a NEP, with https://near.social/#/devgovgigs.near/widget/gigs-board.pages.Post?id=279&referral=onboarder.near

  • ✅ NEP428 Update Injected Wallet Standard: moves to subject matter expert review stage

  • 🟡NEP452: Linkdrop Standard being revised

  • 🟡 NEP393: Soul Bound Token: being revised

  • 🟡 NEP463: DAO Standard: being revised

👫 Community Groups

Community Calls

Call for bOS working group

Updates at t.me/NEARDevGov

Developer Survey https://nearverse.typeform.com/devsurvey

📣Marketing DAO

🧑🏽‍🏫 Workshops/Media

Illia talks to CryptoCito https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQqKnNauMoQ&t=781s

NEAR Workshops


🙏🏽 Special thanks to Banyan Collective, NEARWeek, NEAR Developer DAO, and NEAR Digital Collective for pipelining the community with these updates


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