👋Developer Onboarding

There is so many ways to build on NEAR, where to start

There are many places to find information about developing smart contracts and applications on NEAR Protocol. These docs will highlight the most important resources starting with a high level architectural overview of NEAR application development, developing with different languages, developer support, developer communities, integrations, videos to learn async, and existing developer funding avenues.

😃pageWhy NEAR?🚧pageNEAR Application Architecture📚pageDev Resources💱pageResources by Language👉pageJoin A Builder Group🙏pageDeveloper Governance🤝pageIntegrating NEAR into Your Application📹pageVideos📞page24/7 Support💪pageBlockchain Operating System (BOS)💎pageEVM Development⛓️pageInteroperability / Infrastructure

Special thanks to the Contributors that made these onboarding docs possible. Matt from Proximity, Shot from Banyan, Marcus from NF, just to name a few

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