😃Why NEAR?

Since inception NEAR has been touted for its technical excellence, unique approach to scalability unlike any other chain, and superior account model leading to some of the best user onboarding experiences. As NEAR is moving into its 3rd year since mainnet, there are over 1000 verified applications across the 3 major categories of crypto: DAOs, DeFi and NFTs. In addition to applications, NEAR has a number of infrastructure projects addressing the growing ecosystem needs in areas such as: private shards and compute (https://www.calimero.network/), storage (https://www.onmachina.io/), wallet interoperability (https://github.com/near/wallet-selector/), core protocol governance (https://mobile.twitter.com/neardc), and more (https://near.org/)

Unique About NEAR

  • Account Abstraction: Multiple full access keys with the option to delist and add (changing your password and multisig built in)

  • Metatransactions: Pay for transactions on behalf of users

  • Easily Onboard: easily onboard users in a non custodial way

  • Named Accounts: ENS built it

  • EVM compatibility out of the box: Build with solidity on Aurora

  • JS & Python SDK; build smart contracts with JavaScript and more recently, python

  • Robust DeFI Space: From AMMs, Orderbooks, Lending, Liquid Staking, Privacy

  • Decentralized Front Ends: Host your front end code directly on NEAR to be interface by Gateways around the world

  • Carbon Neutral: The most OG for Carbon Neutral blockchains

  • DAOs: With a robust DAO framework and funding verticals across the ecosystem full being supported by DAOs

  • Low Validator Requirements: now with Chunk Only Producers

  • Interoperability: With support for data storage, bridges, and infrastructure, NEAR is compatible with your favorite Web3 tech stacks

  • WASM based: contracts that compile down to WebAssembly

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