🤝Integrating NEAR into Your Application

Traditional ways dApps integrated NEAR

Many projects coming into the ecosystem are wondering what a NEAR integration looks like. At NEAR we encourage both apps to build native decentralized web applications, but we also have infrastructure that makes it extremely easy to transition Web2 or Web "2.5" applications into Web3 tech.

Sign in with NEAR


With Keypom you can onboard users directly to use your application in a frictionless way to named accounts. Deploy your own Rust contracts or work directly with the easy-to-use TypeScript SDK


  • Integration into Fiat Gateways

  • Trial Accounts

  • Onboarding to a DAO

  • Funding to For Interacting with Contracts

  • Get Refunded the Transaction Cost


Say you need to swap from one funible token like USDC into another funible token in order to facilaite things like in-game currencies, DeFi, etc. On the backend you can integrate Refv2 (Ref.finance is NEAR's leading AMM).

NFT Reputation


  • Dynamic NFT

    • FewNFar API enables dynamic NFTs, whitelisting, and so much more. Also has the capacity to support projects as an enterprise level Launchpad


  • Establishing a DAO Treasury managed by a council

    • For supporting on building out a DAO join the DAO builder group or reach out to OnboardDAO.org

  • Working directly with Sputnik contracts

Pay with NEAR

  • Add the ability for people to pay with NEAR directly. Ex; tipping, donating, etc

  • Example code;

EVM Integration

  • Deploy your Solidity contracts on Aurora mainnet. Work with the rainbow bridge to bridge liquidity over.

Your Own EVM

Build your own public EVM chain on the Aurora Shard on NEAR with Aurora Cloud Silos. Setup your own blockchain with your own validator requirements, choose your gas token, have the rainbow bridge built in, interact with other silos and have the ability to pay for transactions on behalf of users.

Private Enterprise Blockchain with Calimero

Want to leverage the infrastructure of NEAR without exposing your network to the public blockchain. Well with Calimero Network you can deploy you favorite NEAR dApps, and all your business functions on a private shard and easily deploy to NEAR mainnet if needed.


Bootstrapping With BOS

  • Leverage the thousands of decentralized front end components to quick-start your application by composing widgets directly on a bOS gateway

  • Or build your own viewer with your own dependencies for a customized dApp feeling, leveraging the hundreds of developers on NEAR.

  • Integration the SocialDB into your application by pulling wallet information for followers, post, completed profiles, and all data owned by users on the BOS. For more information on how to build on BOS go to https://nearbuilders.com/bos


Onramps allow users to go from fiat to native NEAR on the NEAR blockchain to start getting transaction fees to interacting with the chain.

See all the NEAR Onramps Offerings Here


Integration Partners

NEAR has companies that can help accelerate your integration. Additionally NEAR Foundation has Dev Shop parters. If you are looking for an introduction for the NF Devshop point of contact reach out to Code for an intro.

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