📚Dev Resources


Low level protocol documentation. If you are a blockchain engineer interested in contributing to the core protocol, this is your source of truth (e.g. nomicon explains how NEAR implements Merkle Proofs). Also enumerates NEPs and their specifications. I think Pagoda's protocol team has ownership of this.


Developer documentation. If you are a web2 or web3 dev interested in learning what NEAR is, and how to implement a dApp, this is your page

Doesn't mention NEPs, but how to implement it (e.g. FT, NFT, and how to make a marketplace).

Pagoda's DevRel is DRI


Information about everything the protocol has to offer including usage, infrastructure, opportunities, and guilds".

Near Foundation is DRI, make a PR to this knowledge base here https://github.com/near/wiki


Official NEAR Github home of near-core, NEPs, NEAR RS SDK, NEAR JS SDK, wiki, and so much more.



Interactive NEAR Development course


Gamified learning materials on NEAR

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